Why Financial Planning?

Helping you get where you want to be...

Life Centred Financial Planning is not about advising you which financial products to buy. It’s so much more than that.

Before we do anything, we take time to find out about you; what you want from life, what your hopes and aspirations are, how quickly you want to achieve everything – and what risks you’re prepared to take to get there.

Then we undertake a thorough review of your financial picture and develop a plan that’s perfectly tailored to you and your family.


Benefits of Financial Planning

Financial Security

Peace of mind felt when you aren't worried about money.

Financial Independence

Status of having enough income or money to pay your living expenses for the rest of your life without having to be employed or dependent on others.

Peace of Mind

Financial peace of mind begins when you understand that money impacts you financially, emotionally, relationally, and even spiritually.


This means that you get to make life decisions without being overly stressed about the financial impact because you are prepared. You control your finances instead of being controlled by them.

The ability to CHOOSE!

It's difficult but important to choose what is right for you. We help you get here.

Financial Planner vs Fianancial Adviser

The services of a financial planner and financial adviser often overlap. They each have distinctive areas that they focus on.

Many financial advisers can offer financial planning, but financial planners only work within that area.

Financial Planner

Build Financial Plans

Take the time to really understand what motivates you and what you want to achieve out of life

Life Goal Focused

Focus on seeking to understand your life goals and how your finances support the achievement of these


Paid on a flat fee basis for the development and upkeep of the financial plan

Financial Adviser

Manage clients money

More investment-centric to helps the client gain investment returns 

Product Focused

Looking at solving financial matters with the delivery of a suite of financial products


Fees are charged based on funds under management for work involved and risk exposed for the advice.

What does this mean?

Both roles need to be treated independently and the planning must come first to ensure the selection of any products if needed are in line with your plan.

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