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Have Brits abandoned saving for rainy days?

Only “1 in 3 respondents own insurance to protect against illness/disability”.

There is growing concern about the number of Brits that have financial planning in place should something go wrong.

“One in seven (15%) have no idea whether they would be able to cope or not” should they be subject to unexpected financial difficulty.

Suffering such difficulties could mean giving up the family home, car and/or holiday.

We are our most valuable asset and our ability to generate income is vital to maintaining the lifestyles we desire. It is therefore quite worrying that “9 in 10 are likely to prioritise insuring their mobile phone over themselves”.

To make sure you are able to deal with your finances should a disaster occur, it’s important to plan for the future and protect yourself and your family.

We recommend speaking with an advisor and working out an achievable and affordable plan that will put your mind at ease.

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