Do women pay less for motor insurance?

According to a study by price comparison site women are paying less for car insurance than men because they statistically safer drivers.

According to the website, men paid an average of £793 per year compared to £701 for women – a difference of about 13%.

An EU directive released in December of 2012 banned insurers from taking gender into account when pricing insurance policies. But, whilst recent data shows that women pay less than men, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s because of gender.

“Citing the study, The Financial Times reported that 585,000 drivers were taken to court for road offences in England and Wales – and men greatly outnumbered women in that group by a ratio of 4:1. The report added that men outnumbered women in all of the major categories of offence — speeding, careless driving, drink driving, having no insurance and no tax.”

Data also showed that the average payout for men last year (£3,271) was 5% higher than that for women.

So, whilst it may first appear that women are being favoured when it comes to motor insurance the stats show that it’s purely safer driving that is fuelling these price variations.

We would always recommend speaking to an expert when it comes to finding insurance as there so many different policies out there it can be hard to understand which will suit you best.

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