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Brits more likely to have pet insurance than income protection

New research by Epoq Legal reveals that 32% of those surveyed have pet insurance compared to a quarter with some form of income protection.

The research was conducted by Opinium in June 2018 among 1,234 employees from across the UK.

The majority (23%) have paid for the pet insurance themselves, with the remaining 8% receiving it as an employee benefit, in comparison to just 14% of people who choose to pay for income protection themselves (and 12% employer-paid).

“Employees were more likely to buy pet insurance than critical illness cover (31%), private medical insurance (31%), phone/gadget insurance (30%), dental insurance (25%) or income protection (25%). Bearing in mind all employees surveyed will be earning an income, but not all will have a pet, this seems to be a concerning misallocation of priorities.” – Epoq Legal.

Income protection is extremely important for employees as it replaces your income if you can no longer work due to an accident or illness. It can also protect you against the risk of involuntary redundancy.

We have extensive experience in finding out customers the right income protection at the right price so they don’t need to panic should things go wrong.

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