Information you need to provide to apply for a mortgage

When applying for a mortgage, lenders must be sure they know whom they are lending to and that you won’t overstretch your budget with your monthly payments, now and in the future.

Listed below is the information required to assess affordability and advise appropriately:

☐ The ID for each applicant – Passport or Driving License
☐ Full three months’ bank’s statements personal
☐ Full three months’ payslips and P60 or contract of employment if in year 1
☐ Proof of bonuses/commission
☐ Mortgage statements for each mortgage
☐ Buy to Let mortgage applications – EPC (Energy Performance Certificate), which can be downloaded directly from the EPC register:
☐ Rental Agreements or Banks statements showing the rental amount for Buy to Lets
☐ Loan agreements for any loans
☐ Proof of deposit
☐ Copy of your credit report for each applicant – gain access from
☐ Solicitors Details
☐ Schedules for Pensions you may have in place now i.e. personal or old employer pensions
☐ Schedules for insurances you may have in place now i.e. Life insurance, Critical Illness etc.

For self-employed clients and those with Buy to Let properties
☐ Last two years’ signed accounts for Limited company owners
☐ Last two years’ Tax Calculation (SA302) & Tax Overview

We’ll send you a link by email to our secure document uploader. This will explain how you can provide your documents to us electronically when the time comes.

Arrange to speak to us in advise to see if we can help you.

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