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How to remove negative markers on your credit report

Your credit report is like a CV of your borrowing history that gets updated on your behalf. It exists to show potential lenders, employers, landlords and occasionally insurance providers, an accurate representation of how you’ve dealt with borrowing/repaying money in the past and managing your credit agreements.

Information is recorded depending on your actions and is based on past behaviour therefore it is quite difficult to get it altered.

However, if there is something that’s been logged in error it can be possible to get it removed.

There are three stages but our advice is to talk to someone first before proceeding.

  1. Gather any supporting evidence
  2. Contact the lender reporting the marker
  3. Contact the Credit Reference Agency

To make sure all if your credit information is correct you can check your credit score: https://www.checkmyfile.com/?ref=custodia&cbap=

To remove negative markers, here is an in-depth guide.

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