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BTL Energy efficiency rate rule changes: What you need to know

There are changes you need to know about…

From 1st April landlords will need to ensure their properties have an energy efficiency rating of E and above.

From 1 April, the rules on EPC rating requirements are changing for Landlords and you need to know in advance how it will affect you.

What’s changing?

It will be against the law in England and Wales for landlords with either new or existing tenants that their property have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘E’ or above.

How will it affect mortgage lending for landlords?

Lend on properties that fall below an ‘E’ rating unless they have a valid exemption will be prohibited.

How will it affect existing Landlords?

If a privately rented property falls below the minimum EPC rating, the landlord will need to carry out ‘relevant energy efficiency improvements’ to bring it up to an ‘E’ or above. They may be able to obtain Green Deal finance to do this or the property may qualify for an exemption.


For more information on the new EPC rules:

See the Government’s full guidance document on the changes

Check an existing EPC rating here.

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