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What is Equity Release?

Equity Release can give eligible homeowners aged 55 or older access to some of the money tied up in the value of their property.

These plans could allow you to take cash from the value of your home, without having to move out. If you own your property outright or if your property's worth more than any loans you have secured against it, then you've more than likely got equity tied up in your home.

Why Consider Equity Release?

  • Get funds for home improvements or adaptions

  • Have enough to pay-off existing loans and debts (eg: interest-only mortgage)

  • You want additional retirement income

  • Funds for later life care at home

  • You want to help family and friends get on the housing ladder

Retirement is something to be celebrated

The kind of Equity Release we offer is LIFETIME MORTGAGE.

A lifetime mortgage allows you to take out a mortgage against your main residence while retaining ownership

Benefits of a Lifetime Mortgage

You're still the homeowner

You still own your home and you can live there until you move into long-term care or pass away

Tax Free

Any cash released to you is tax-free

Leave Inheritance

Although equity release reduces your home's value, any remaining money left in your property will be left to your estate


With a portable plan, you can take the plan with you if you move

Are you elligible?

To apply for Lifetime Mortgage:

  • You must be aged 55+

  • The property must be your own residence

  • You keep ownership of your home

The amount of equity you can release depends on several factors such as age, property value and property type.

How to Apply?

1. Get on a call with us

Let's talk about your options.  Our discovery calls are free for the first session. Or you can send us a message and we'll call you.

2. Decide

Take the time to think about your options.​ If you decide to move ahead, our team will help you do the paperwork until approval.

3. Complete

We will call you about your application and guide you to the next steps.​ We will discuss your plan and necessary steps to take to ensure that you're getting the best out of your mortgage.


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Equity release may involve a lifetime mortgage which is secured against your property or a home reversion plan which requires the sale of property for a discounted price. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. You only continue to own your own home with a lifetime mortgage.

Equity release may impact the size of your estate and it could affect your entitlement to current and future means-tested benefits.

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